Friday, June 28, 2013

Naked Wedding

In Chinese culture, a wedding usually consists of a registration of the wedding at a local counsel for a formal and law biding ceremony. Then afterwards, it will follow with a traditional ceremony which usually involve the two families and a wedding diner.

There are the differences between Chinese and western culture for the tie the knot ceremony. Most of the time, the ceremony itself will cost lot of money and has become a burden for a young couple nowadays in this modern world. Wedding dress, wedding diner, honeymoon vacation, wedding photo and all the preparation, all needed money and the amount usually is not small.

Naked wedding has become a trend and it does not mean not wearing anything for your big day. Naked wedding simply means the wedding you are having is as simple as registration only. There was no wedding dresses, ceremony or wedding photo. It is just plain commitment that a couple makes towards their love.

It has become more popular nowadays and can see the drastic changes especially in the Chinese culture as more and more people are doing it. This is unacceptable in the Chinese society in the past but time has change people and thinking. When couples decide to live together, housing is a must. So, there must be a budget for it and usually they will put the house in priority and I certainly agree with it.

There is the term naked wedding transform from; a simple wedding. Do you agree with this new revolution of wedding? Anyhow, I do still think of a simple corset wedding dress is a must. A few snap shots of photo for yourselves in the wedding dress is not too much to ask for and is a memorable experience.

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